Zora L2 Mainnet: Confirmed Airdrop🪂

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In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to position yourself well enough for one of the biggest airdrops of 2023–2024, even if you’ve never used this L2 before. Zora raised $60M from Coinbase Ventures, Haun Ventures, Kindred, and three angel investors. Placing yourself on this airdrop will have a cost depending on the number of transactions you make. (5$-30$)

Oct 2020

Apr 2021

May 2022

Similar to OpenSea, Zora is an NFT protocol and marketplace that enabled users to mint and trade NFTs. They recently launched their own Layer 2 chain, built on top of the OP Stack. The Zora Network is a fast, cost-efficient, and scalable Layer 2 built to help bring media onchain. Many L2s are currently DeFi centric, whereas the Zora Network is an ecosystem that puts NFTs first.

Is it still time to farm the airdrop ? YES

Zora’s Terms of Service were recently updated.

Under section 5.6. Rewards Programs, it states Zora may offer, “…airdrops of crypto assets…”

The mainnet is live since June 2023, so there’s still plenty of time to farm this airdrop. The aim is to place in the top tier with a maximum number of transactions.

See some general stats here

If you want to be part of the top 1%, no need to bridge 1 ETH, as you can see the most users only bridged 0.011 ETH so if you bridge 0.1 ETH it is already enough.

👉 Official links : Website | Twitter | Discord

Join the Discord and verify → you can also mint ZORB to get early adopter role (see ‘3/ Use the marketplace and mint’).

The criteria that will surely be used

The eligibility criteria for most airdrops have always been the same.

1) Be active over time

We saw for the $OP and $ARB airdrops that activity over time was a criterion -Optimism required activity over 4 different weeks -Arbitrum required activity over 2 to 9 months.

2) Use as many protocols as possible

As well as making you potentially eligible for many airdrops, it shows that you’re a curious and active user on the blockchain. I advise you to have at least 100 transactions in total and to interact with 50 different smart contracts (over the entire duration).

3) Keep funds in your wallet

Large projects tend to exclude users who have no money in their wallet, and both Arbitrum and Paraswap have done this. If you have several wallets, make sure you keep money in each one.

4) Trade with volume

Volume is often an important criterion, especially for airdrops DYDX, Arbitrum, Paraswap and many others have used it as a criterion. If you can, try to swap using a large amount of money (beware of slippage).

5) Use official bridges

If you want to farm an L1/L2 airdrop, for example, try using their official bridge at least once. Arbitrum and Optimism have used it as an eligibility criterion for their respective airdrop. We’ll look at how to use Zora’s official bridge.

6) Vote (DAO)

Voting on DAOs shows that you’re a user involved in protocol governance. I wouldn’t be shocked if this criterion were used again in the future (Optimism has already used it).


1/ Add the Zora network to Metamask

Click here and Add to Metamask

Also, OpenSea now supports ZORA ! You can buy and sell NFT with ZORA L2 on OpenSea.

2/ Bridge to Zora

Transfer funds via the official Zora Bridge by clicking here. It can take up to 2 hours to receive the funds on Zora (bridge at least 0.1 ETH).

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet
  2. Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to bridge
  3. Accept in Metamask (fees can be very high, so I advise you to do it on Sunday)
  4. You can also transfer from Zora to Ethereum (withdraw)
  5. After +-2 hours, your funds should be visible on Metamask.
  6. It will show like this after successful confirmation
  7. To withdraw your tokens from the Zora network, you will need to wait approximately 7 days !

3/ Use the marketplace and mint

You can use the Zora marketplace with different networks: Ethereum, Zora, Optimism and PGN (Public Good Network). I think it could be interesting using this marketplace with all four networks, but I will just show you what is interesting on Zora Network.

For example, with PGN (mainnet was live end of July)

  • The first NFT to mint was Zora Energie (but mint is over), you can still buy in secondary here.
  • The second NFT that you can mint is Rainbow Zorb Energie (but mint is over), you can still buy in secondary here.
  • The third NFT that you can mint is Gitcoin Impact Report 01: PDF Onchain here.
  • The fourth NFT to buy is ZORB to get early adopter role (i don’t recommend, FP too high + on ETH mainnet) here !
  • The fifth NFT you can mint is MINE !

You can click here and mint my NFT for free (just pay gas)

4/ create your collection

  • Now go back to the Zora site and click on “Create” -> “Multi-edition”
  • Upload any image, specify the name, description, edition size and other characteristics of your NFT
  • Also indicate the price, mint start, duration and limit per address

5/ Deploy a smart contract on Zora

Deploy a smart contract with the official guide here

6/ Explore Zora On Layer3

Go here

If you completed all the previous steps correctly, you can easily achieve Explore Zora’s New Layer 2' on the layer3.xyz platform and claim your reward

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